Birmingham Honors a Wounded Veteran!

It was a big day in Birmingham, Alabama,  with Ben Chenault and his amazing team at MortgageBanc, powered by Fairway. Independent Mortgage Corporation.  Not only did a huge group of real estate agents in the Birmingham area receive the “Certified Military Residential Specialist” certification, and there are 22 new Military Mortgage Specialists of Fairway who have been certified,  but a local veteran was  honored with the gift of a CAR!

This is just one more example of how the American Warrior Initiative of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is diversifying to serve the needs of local veterans.  Below is a short video with highlights of the Birmingham Boot Camp:


Daniel Letbetter is a wounded hero who served in the USMC for five years, separating in February of 2013 because of disabilities he received after an IED hit his armored vehicle:

Birmingham 18

After being discharged from the military, Daniel’s burning desire was to attend college under his GI bill to become a physical therapist so he could in turn  give back to other wounded heroes. The challenge? He didn’t have a reliable vehicle to make the daily 100 mile round trip travel to school (zip ties holding on the bumper of his current vehicle!) BUT thanks to the generosity of Ben Chenault and his team, along with the American Warrior Initiative and real estate agents who attended the CMRS class- PROBLEM SOLVED! A big surprise for Daniel  as he received the keys to his new ride:

Birmingham 1

Daniel’s story is incredible.  He had wanted to serve in the military since he was just a small boy.  This from his family:

“At the age of 12, he befriended a WW II veteran that survived the sinking of five ships in the Pacific. He would sit for hours, listening to the stories of life serving in the Navy. He started visiting the American Legion as a young teen, and would devote a lot of his free time getting to know the old guys. He began volunteering to cut grass for vets just so he could hang around them and learn of their life stories.” 

Over 40 written testimonials from the local real estate agents were received – here are two:

“Life changing really.  I am a military wife and I know have a clear purpose of why and how”  Glenda Pressley

“Very informational.  My son was killed in action on July 24, 2010.  This will help me to honor his service by serving other military families by educating them toward home ownership”  Renee Hand

Amazing event which included a presentation by Sean Parnell, New York Times best selling author of Outlaw Platoon, with an inspirational message of how Americans can help with the reintegration of our wounded heroes into society.  I believe that minds and hearts – and yes, lives –  were changed.

MMS Birmingham

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